Mule Musiq, a Japanese label, was previously unknown to me. However with Henrik Schwarz and Chateau Flight remixes on board this was definitely one to check. Kuniyuki himself has recorded under various aliases in the past such as Kuni, appears on Dego's "2000 Black" compilation. With fans including Joe Claussell, Cosmo and Jimpster, this is definitely one artist to keep an ear out for. First up, Henrik Schwarz turns in a glitched, driving, electronics-fuelled ride with key stabs and low slung strings. With his trademark snapping high snares and electronic groove, Mr Schwarz makes yet another soundscape which is guaranteed to set any dark club spiral out of control. On the B-Side, Paris' superb Chateau Flight (AKA I:Cube and Gilb'r) put their own twist on the original, and grab you straight by the jugular. This is a Parisian masterpiece which is already a contender for 'Record of 2006'! This remix encapsualtes all that is Chateau Flight - their grit, with the swirling piano chorus, snapping claps and driving electronic bassline, this is simply a monster. Do not miss!

Ali Tillett(Warm)